Thoughts and Ideas

From a red or green light to a multi coloured interactive element via a shaded excel cell

My journey through working life has been long with a few detours and some unconventional routes, the journey is still on going and below is a summary of the story so far; “From a red or green light to a multi coloured interactive element via a shaded excel cell”.

The journeys direction was set early on with the dismantling of a Stars Wars digital watch and the inevitable failure to reconstruct said piece of technology (tiny springs have the ability to vanish). It turns out that this is pretty much the default start position for most technology people.

Phase 1 of the journey started as an operator on a semiconductor test floor, which entailed pressing a button and waiting for the red or green light to appear. 21 years later I was a Global Product Manager responsible for key pieces of software in the semiconductor industry, this primarily involved trying to make all the excel cells go green rather than amber or red, along with talking to customers, industry peers and engineers across multiple continents.

Phase 2 is still a work in progress and involves taking Room 108 from a two person digital agency to a five person business through the delivery of online solutions to start-ups, medium sized enterprises and other creative agencies. This part of the journey still involves excel spreadsheets with red and green cells, but also entails working with cool online technologies to make websites and mobiles do amazing things like multi coloured interactive elements.

Phase 3 is just about start and involves exploring new opportunities to push forward my knowledge and understanding of the online technology industry.


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