PHP Frameworks Update

Just  a quick update on the PHP Frameworks investigation.

After reviewing a few frameworks we have decided to give Drupal a go as it seems to offer most of what I was looking for. We will be porting the main Room 108 website to Drupal shortly. Stay tuned for more updates.


PHP Frameworks investigation

It has been a bit longer than a few days but here are the key criteria that I want from a PHP framework.

  • Allows designers to use standard HTML and CSS with minimal impact from framework
  • Takes care of the basic security requirements
  • Provides extensable modules for user management
  • Helps build dynamic navigation
  • Provides modules for things like sitemaps
  • Needs to be installable on shared hosting

These are just the initial requirements and I suppose I am using ASP.NET as my benchmark.

My initial investigations have not been that promising. I am not looking at things like Joomla, Drupal etc I am looking more for a programming framework as this is for custom projects. The designers can handle the off the shelf CMS type systems without input from the technical team.